Patna to Bombay: From an aspiring actor to an Internet sensation

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Swaraj had a childhood like any other small-town Indian boy. He grew up fascinated by the world of Bollywood and theatre. Looking at yourself in the mirror, imagining yourself in a song in your head, copying the style of your favorite actor and practicing things to say when you actually become famous: We are all guilty of that! And so is Swaraj.

India mei logon ka pehla sapna hota hai actor baana! Bachpan mei at least, we all have thought about becoming an actor at least once. Maine bhi socha tha. Bahaut koshish bhi ki. Mumbai bhi aya, repeatedly interviews bhi diye. Yaha aake pata chala ki boss, it’s not easy. Mere jaise aur hazaron ladke hai jo camera ke samne apna talent dikhana chahte hai. Dar bhi laga, par jab jab give up karne ka sochta tha, papa ki ek line yaad aa jaati thi, “hausla mat harna.” – Swaraj Singh

“Actor banne ka sapna mai bachpan se dekhte aaya hu. Theater ke bahar lage poster ko dekh kar hamesha sochta tha ke ek din mera bhi photo waha lagega.”

We’ve heard him talk about a Bihari boy’s struggle with English, we have heard him talking about his job search and we have also heard him talk about the unfortunate rape culture of India. Let’s now hear him talk about his journey and how he became famous overnight.

Bombay, rightly called, the city of dreams makes you do all sorts of things. It makes you cry, it makes you scream but it is also that one city where you’d find hope and passion breathing at every corner of the sea. Here’s to the dreamers- the ones who dream despite the odds!

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