“Our Love Has No Religion,” Say This Adorable Couple From New Delhi

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To what extent should religion have a say in love?

The young newly wed Indian couple faced all the odds and came out victorious. They not only beat the stereotypical society of India but shunned all the norms of religion.

Sadaf and Yatin, the young Indian couple were once just office colleagues, interested in each other not afraid of the big elephant in the room, their religion.  they began dating in 2015, but kept it under wraps till 2018, and how wouldn’t they? Isn’t The society and its rules we’re raised In, ready to question every choice we make.

Before ‘coming out of the closet’ with their relationship, they question what’s next? Break up not being an option, the only way forward was to tie the knot, which required tying the orthodox thinking of their family away.

But how tough could it be? Love rises above all, doesn’t it?.

After battling through various hurdles, the only thing that reached the finish line was love, leaving religion far behind.

Although it took convincing a stubborn mother who was against inter caste marriage, especially a hindu-muslim one, to a father asking umpteen unrealistic future questions on how they planned on raising their children, they were able to turn the tables and seek their family’s approval and blessings.

It was these trying times that tied their relationship even stronger and made them realize that they are better off with each other and that how they would not be able to put up with it if it were for anyone else.

Today, love may have won yet another battle but how long can one keep battling for their love? Here’s how Sadaf and Yatin went from battling their love to battling for their love.

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