No, OCD Is Not Like Monica from FRIENDS, Ask Me What It Really Is

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“Its like being controlled by a puppeteer, every time you try to leave he pull’s you back.”

How often do we include the term ‘OCD’ in our daily lingo? The connotations surrounding the term OCD, have deemed it to be just a word rather than a mental health illness.

Take it from Sonia Tanwar an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) survivor, who can vouch that if not taken seriously, OCD can eat up one’s life bit by bit.

Sonia Tanwar, a young Indian had trouble doing daily regular things, having a shower in less that 15 minutes was a foreign concept to her. Due to OCD, she often took nearly 5-6 hours a day to have a bath and washed her feet about 20 times at a stretch. Executing simple day-to-day practices turned into exhausting tasks for her. 

Soon, due to the recurring OCD in her daily practices, fungus started developing on her feet and hands that slowly became visible to all. Up until then OCD was something only cooked in her mind. Gradually, people began noticing the fungus and started questioning her incapability of controlling it and her need to do it.

However, due to the lack of knowledge and awareness, she couldn’t do much to explain the ‘unheard of the situation’. The term ‘OCD’ is often used so casually that it over shadows the dreadful complexity behind it.

Being traumatized by her obsessive thoughts controlling her actions, young Sonia mustered up the courage to open up to her teacher, the one who is supposed to understand you, hold your hand and walk you through life. However, to her shock, her teacher laughed at her brushed it off like it was something she made up. After that day, Sonia summoned a smile and masked. her distress

We often ponder upon the thought of expressing ourselves and coming clean is the best medicine to any problem. However, this wasn’t the case for Sonia. On doing so, she felt worthless and fell into a dark hole of self loathe only to find her situation declining for the worse. 

Does OCD even have a cure?

Is OCD a life long illness?

Are there any OCD Survivors?

Does OCD eventually disappear?

No, It’s definitely no magic but today, young Sonia’s OCD is under control.

From losing all hope to being an OCD Survivor, Sonia has paved way for all of us young Indians and this is how she did it.

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  1. So proud of you Ms. Sonia Tanwar.
    You have gone through a lot.
    Hope you achieve what you wish for.

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