Tattoos: Fighting the stereotype

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“Tattoos”—-the word itself creates a negative atmosphere for you when you read it right? Have you ever thought maybe it’s not the word or person but yourself that has been thinking this way? I have often heard and seen that when someone talks about tattoos, the ones listening make a face and ask the typical, ”Why do you want to ruin your skin?” question. Let me tell you, an individual can do anything that they want. Why? It’s their choice and their skin and they are perfectly fine and happy with the way it has been given to them.

As a tattoo lover, myself, I have been witness to many such comments and questions—–at home, during interviews and some people of the society too. I am not scary nor am I a threat to anyone, then why is there a disgust on their face? I do not know the answer to that. I should not even pay any heed to what they think but sometimes it does eat me alive. I wonder what is so bad and wrong in having tattoos or being a tattoo artist ? It is an art which should be appreciated more. It needs a lot more recognition in this world. They are artists at the end of the day. They have followed their passion and that deserves all the respect in this world.  The society has attributed negative characteristics with anyone associated with tattoos. Even before I knew what a tattoo was, I have heard that they are not professional. Since when did our skin become the criteria for applying to a job? Who made up the notion that tattoos make you unemployable? There is no law that states such a thing. 

So, why is the society breathing down their necks? Cut them some slack will you! There are enough world problems to last them a lifetime!  Where did the stigma around tattoos originate from?  It is said that the concept of “rebellious  teenagers” or  “we should not associate with them” dates back to the 1950s where body ink, black leather jackets and gelled hair was used as a sign of rebellion. It is 2020 and yet there is an uncomfortable feeling linked to people who are tattoo artists and have tattoos. 

When asked , “What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the word tattoo?” Here are some of the best answers one could have ever asked for:

Tattoo is an art”, Annesha Pal, The Heritage Academy,Kolkata.

“Tattoo is the artistic resemblance of the phase you have been.. And defines the person you are”, Debjyoti Guha.

“ Getting a tattoo proves two things about a person right off the bat—Perseverance and someone who’s comfortable with the idea of finality and is therefore determined in nature. A tattoo is a permanent thing that stays on your body and becomes a part of your identity. It is a mostly painful procedure so sitting through a needle drilling ink into your skin takes courage. These are qualities that automatically make a person a desirable employee. They are there for the long term, they have perseverance and patience. Sitting still through the entire process of getting a tattoo made is proof enough that they have the balls to put themselves out there. And imagine if it goes wrong, there’s always a chance it goes wrong. They are ready to accept that it might go wrong and they can live with it. All of it ensures a person’s sincerity. There are no downsides to having ink on your body apart from the social stigma that is associated with apparent “hippie culture.”, Medha Mallick, Techno University,Kolkata

“I can’t get tattoos now. For me those are too painful and I have very sensitive skin. 

But, at times I draw a few symbols on my hand and it gives me Courage and Strength to go through the day… Or the time till it fades”, Priyanshi Bansal

In other words, tattoos do not make you dangerous, it is the society that teaches you that if you ink your body, it is considered to be “Haram” and you will not be eligible for government jobs in the future. Your career will be ruined if that happens. You will not be able to donate blood to anyone—–this is true to some extent but if you take care of your skin and follow all the safety protocols, you are perfect for donating blood when you need to.

They fail to understand how it acts as signs of courage and bravery for some people. It is an art that people have made a career out of as well. It should never be an obstacle in your career goals and achievements. It is used to spread moral messages and preach what you live by.

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  1. Any form of art should be appreciated. As long as it’s not hate speech or just offensive in the right sense, theres no reason to ban tattoos. Some cultures have it as a part of their indigenous practices. Embrace it and spead the love! Atleast you take your INK to the grave❤️🤍🖤

    1. Thank you so much 🌸

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