Natasha Noel’s Viral Truth Bomb Is All We Need To See Today!

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How many times have you looked down at your toe and said “long time no see” since there’s a tummy in between? How many times have you looked at those absolutely fit and ripped Instagram fitness influencers and thought “apna time ayega?” 

Natasha Noel is one such fitness influencer but what separates her from being just another influencer is her honesty and candidness. She comes with a history of disturbed mental health and physical abuse but the way she has pieced herself together coming out strong is something that is very clearly visible in her content. If she’s having a bad day, she won’t hesitate in crying on her Instagram stories, if she’s feeling a strong dose of self-love, she’d say it out loud on her posts and if she is feeling like it’s time to drop a truth bomb, she would just effortlessly do it!

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#NOTaTransformationPicture ???? (Tag the peeps that need to be tagged. ????????‍♀️) This was yesterday. At 9:30 am I just finished a workout and my bod was looking fine af! At about 10:23 am I drank and ate TWO huge ass coconuts and thought my stomach would burst. At 10:15 am the second picture was taken. My body still looking fine Af. At 10:24 am I just finished pooping and took the third picture at 1025. My body still looking fine AF! . . If you think my body at any looks gross? Ugly? Or any other thing well this is me trying to make y’all understand how the human body is. THIS IS NORMAL. I KNOW SO MANY people (my self before) who would feel bogged down angry with myself when my body became the second and third photo. Because I was conditioned to believe that my body had to have. A flat STOMACH ALL THE FUCKING TIME! So that means I was upset most of the day because I didn’t have one most of the day. My body had a mind of its own. And here’s the thing once you accept that you will stop hating yourself. Because you will understand your body. Again every body is different. This is how my body looks when I over eat even if it’s “healthy”. And it’s okay. The more we get so caught up in how our body body looks we never care about how it feels. And honestly I’m so fucking tired to try and be ‘perfect’ to get the best angles. To get the best anything. Which is why I choose to be real because I don’t have to waste energy being someone else. Hey! I have depression and anxiety and that’s already an exhausting mental illness. Pretending to be anything else will need added energy and I have to time for that. I rather try and sleep that waste any more energy. . . So my loves the more you’re going to “fill in the black with any negative emotion you feel with your body” about your body it’s only going to drain yourself energy. If it upsets you so much do something about. (In a healthy way) but you have to understand you have to forgive yourself and accept yourself before you start making the changes. Also, YOU FINE AF HOOMAN! ???? . . Practice daily. Stay safe. Stay humble #BodyLove #Healing #fit #ImNotPregnant ????????‍♀️

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One such truth bomb that has now gone viral is where she will call us all potatoes but she will also tell us to love ourselves and not get perplexed by all the hot-bods we see online. Oh, and did we mention she sings in this particular truth bomb? 

Natasha’s video went viral and is still doing rounds for all the right reasons. In a world full of filters and flexing, be a voice who can accept one’s body and be positive about it! 

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