My #HaiJunoon Story: Aanchal Shrivastava

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Aanchal Shrivastava, a young Indian’s life was turned upside down when she was left with no other option but to quit her dream job. Like it’s said, everything has a silver lining, but at the time, Aanchal was blinded by disappointment and failure.

The young Indian recalls the happiest day of her life as the placement day when she received her first job letter at a radio station. Aanchal’s voice had always been her best friend and she knew right away that being a radio jockey was her dream job.

Aanchal gave her all in and became the best at what she did. She was invited to parties and had fans, something she had never thought of. Her station head said the sky was the limit for young Aanchal with a world of opportunities lying ahead.

However, when Aanchal, the young Indian determined to make it big, decided to seize bigger and better opportunities. She decided to aim for the bull and become an RJ at the biggest radio station. But this didn’t sit well with her company. No leaf was left unturned in turning down Aanchal from any radio station in the area. The young Indian looks back on that time as the most trying period of he life where she spent each day on the hunt from south Delhi to Gurgaon to Noida, only to come back to tears of failure.

Ever since Aanchal was a kid, she recalls her voice being her greatest power. From singing songs to singing while talking, Aanchal began picking up the clues the universe had been sending her way throughout her life. Her younger brother told her that if you cant turn your talent and passion into something more meaningful what’s the point of it? That’s when the young Indian decided to turn her passion into her profession and become a singer and songwriter full time.

However, things didn’t come easy for Aanchal. She recorded scraps and sent to composers in the hope for one of them to work with but all she received was compliments and fake promises of working soon. A few years into this spiraling lifestyle, Aanchal decided to take things into her own hand.

The young Indian turned into a freelancer and started singing for herself and any gig she could bag. Its true when they say, if you want something badly, the whole world will come together to give it to you. It wasn’t long before she started singing in Bollywood films and shows, recording one of the top hits of the season.

Aanchal Shrivastava didn’t give up and proved that hard work pays off and this is how the Din Shagana Da singer did it.

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