Making His Own Content Empire, Hasley India’s Founder Opens Up About His Journey

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Is dropping out of college fine when you realize the whole world is a college for those who wish to learn?

Hasley India, the platform that stole our hearts away and made us burst into laughter was founded by not a nerd but the biggest movie buff there is – Ankit Madaan. Movies didn’t only entertain him, they inspired and motivated him through the biggest decisions of life. But nothing came easy, like every movie, his life too had a plot twist before reaching its peak.

Like all the millionaire drop out’s that were once just aspiring entrepreneur, movies, young Ankit, influenced by them made the grave decision of dropping out of his MBA programme only to launch his own start-up. Unlike in movies, since the garage system didn’t apply in numerous parts of India, Ankit rented out an office with the bare minimum rent of Rs. 30,000 and embarked on his journey with the hope of, his life panning out just like his favorite movie characters.  

We often embark on the path of reaching our dreams with very little patience and lots of hope. What we miss out on is understanding the time and hard work required to turning a dream into a reality.

But to Ankit’s surprise success rang the door bell, just 2 videos into business.  The third video he created went viral… like it is said – the third time is a lucky charm!  Ever since, every video created made it to the list of trending videos.

The only mantra behind Ankit’s, the young Indian’s longing success and creating viral videos is that he swears by creating relatable content and doing what he wishes to by not caring about what others think because otherwise he would never have been able to Quit his education and invest himself into his startup. Although, fueling your dream to stay alive may require abundance of sacrifice, in the end it is all worth it.

But like it’s said – Pichar abhi baaki hai mere dost!

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