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Sushant Singh Rajput who often talked about filmmaking, philosophy, engineering, astronomy and self musings believed in living each day. Within a short period, he attained a prominent place in the entertainment industry. His sudden demise on the fateful day of June 14 not only shook his admirers but the whole nation.  His death lead to huge public outrage. The intensity was enough to shake the existence of Bollywood Industry. Mainstream media after seeing the outrage decided to broadcast it. For a few days, the motive of justice was on the right path. No one can deny that the media played an important role in the process of seeking justice but sooner it became a medium of fulfilling personal agendas. From witch-hunting to disclosing WhatsApp chats, from calling Sushant a depressed man to calling Rhea Chakroborty a gold digger, from discussing weed to drugs, everything happened here except justice. 

This isn’t for the first time news channels have shattered the Ethics of Journalism. But what happened the last few months, changed my perception forever and for the good.

Social media platforms on the other hand were beyond imagination. People started coming up with theories and justifications based on their research. It was terrifying to see how users participated in creating and spreading fake news without giving a second thought.

What made me realised amid everything was that most of us were badly swayed in emotions and gave up critical thinking. Nobody was prepared to understand both sides of a story. The culprits were pre-decided based on individual’s notion. A fraction of people who were trying to understand the issue from every aspect often received bitterness. 

This one particular incident directs us to various harsh realities. The mental health crisis was never addressed in the first place, the ambiguity of the case tells about the inefficiency of investigation agencies, how rest of the national issues were ignored in the last four months and the list goes on. 

The only thing which should matter from now onwards is our consumption of news and more importantly, its source. It is time to hold ourselves accountable for the journalism we support. 

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