Just an engineer next door who hated his course and made it big: The Beer Biceps

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Before becoming THE Beer Biceps, Ranveer was just like an engineer next door who hated his course. He used to binge-watch American YouTubers and later got to know that Youtube even pays for the videos we make after a point. BOOM! Here he got his startup idea- documenting his flab to fab journey. 

This 25-year-old Bombay guy launched his channel in 2015. He was on a mission to shed all the extra kilos and wanted to become a fitness influencer. The most difficult part for him was going from 200 to 2k followers. The initial hustle was difficult but because Ranveer had a lot of ideas, content production never stopped. He used to record videos on his phone, gained videography knowledge on his own and rolled out videos independently. When later he got to know that the AIB member, Tanmay Bhatt lost weight following his videos, he then realized he needs to expand the focus on overall grooming for men. He then started producing content around men’s fashion and etiquettes. 

The road wasn’t easy for this Youtube star, like all engineers, he was expected to take a secure job that pays him well. He was quoted saying, “despite us hitting 10K and 20K subscribers, still relatives would come and say, Good! Good! But do real things, Do MBA.” But he didn’t give up and look where that has gotten him now- over 2.5M subscribers, Youtube golden play button, a dream team, and a thousand won hearts. 

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