India’s Fastest Woman Doesn’t Have To Run From Her Reality Anymore

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When Dutee Chand, India’s fastest running track and field athlete came out with her relationship in public it might have been the most liberating experience for her.

What would you want to come back home to? A lover or a loved one where you didn’t have to pretend, right? Someone who could hold you close and tell you how much you meant to them and how everything was going to be alright when things are far from okay. 

Now imagine not having that just because someone tells you that the lover of your choice isn’t right according to them. 

When Dutee Chand came out she owned up to her reality. This was the first time ever in the history of India that a national athlete had claimed their sexuality and how. She says, “Coming out of the closet is better than hiding my relationship.”

By doing this not only has she served as an inspiration to so many people who are still closeted, but she has also taken control of her personal life and proved that nobody reserves the right to tell her how she should go about loving people.

Love isn’t something that is meant for censure, instead, it is supposed to be celebrated. Here’s to celebrating love stories irrespective of their orientations.

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