I Was Told That My Career Is A Joke Until A Reality Show Changed My Life

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The biggest chambers and the strongest bars have repeatedly failed to contain young dreams.  And the best part about dreams is, that they do not discriminate.

You are never too poor, or too young or too helpless to dream. Dreams have a magical potency to give wings to the stranded.

Like most young Indian’s Ronit was destined to be an engineer. The boy who was all set to live his father’s dream met with a merry accident that changed the course of the ship he was sailing on forever.

“When I told my parents I want to be a rapper, the first thing they asked me was how to I plan to earn money? It’s difficult for parents to understand that music as an industry is paying of talented people”

Although Ronit was always into rap music, his first-ever public performance happened when he took part in the college talent hunt competition. Despite being disqualified for using the F-word, he requested an opportunity to perform for the crowd. The event barely had an audience of 50 people. 

But once this young ball-of -fire showed what he had got, people started pouring in. 

“I closed my eyes halfway through the performance, but when I finally opened them, I could not believe that my performance had attracted such a big crowd”

That was when Ronit knew he was carved out for something bigger. Despite being completely new to the culture and the norms of the rap industry, he wasn’t afraid to try his luck.

In a world that offers nothing but discouragement to anyone who tries to deviate from its redundant norms, Ronit came out as a hustler, penning down his own destiny with the songs he wrote.

True talent finds it’s own ways to tell the world it’s out there. Artists are crazy people, but it’s their insanity that makes them stand out in the crowd. 

Today Ronit is a professional rapper popularly known as Rabbit the Villian, with an ever-increasing fan base. It was his originality and unconditional love for his art that helped him withstand the direst circumstances, making his only dream come true.

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