I Had Never Thought I Will Test Positive for Corona

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The coronavirus outbreak has paralysed our social systems and lives, pushing us into an almost apocalyptic era. Amidst all the unfortunate coverage and overarching negativity, we bring you the story of a young warrior who fought against the virus.

Hrishi Giridhar landed back in India to be with his family like many other students after his classes at London School of Economics got suspended due to the pandemic. After easily clearing the airport security, he decided to isolate himself under a 14-day quarantine as a preventive measure.

After 3 days he noticed some unusual symptoms including fever, nausea and dizziness. Like many others, he never could get the virus but he got tested anyway.

A day later his doctor called him to confirm that he had been tested positive and was suppose to get admitted. 

For the next 19 days, he stayed at Kasturba Gandhi hospital, where days started rather early. At 6 in the morning, someone would come with chai for everyone. 

A good number of doctors and nurses would keep a tap on blood pressure and breathing rates.

‘I had faith in the medical system. I saw with my own eyes the kind of hard work medical professionals were putting in to help us through such tough times’

Towards the end of his the third week at the hospital, his doctor confirmed that his second test was negative and he could go back home.

He recalls the last day at the hospital was rather unusual. 

“People in my ward were clapping and applauding. Many exchanged numbers me.”

Somehow the collective struggle and the shared experience brought absolute strangers closer to each other. 

While this was a rare experience for Hrishi,  he managed to make it work because he was cautious and alert. The decision to self-quarantine himself saved many others from acquiring the infection, and that is what makes him a true warrior.

The pandemic has been pushing the limits of mankind, failing superpowers rendering many people helpless, the least we can do as individuals, is take care of ourselves and our loved ones. 

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

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