Hum tum Tinder pe ho – Aur match ho jaaye!

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25 years down the line, the answer to “How I met your mother?”, is going to be – “online, of course!”. You either know a person who actively partakes in online dating, or in most cases, you are that person. But how many of us actually believe that we can find true love online?

We went around Delhi, asking people if they had ventured into online dating and if they believed true love happens online. The answers indicated a collective sentiment – I believe there’s God, but I have not seen Him. Many knew someone who had found the right relationships as a result of swiping right on Tinder, but they personally weren’t the lucky ones. 

Amongst a flock of optimistic love-seekers, we also encountered cynics who had a firm belief that one cannot find true love online. A symphony from a broken heart also claims that not just online, you cannot find true love anywhere but that’s a discussion for another day! 

A vast majority of people believed that true love can be found online, but it’s just not for them. Some had creepy experiences while girls were (understandably!) vary of fake profiles. Some saw online dating as an activity they indulged in for some jolly good time- meeting new people and having fun chats. Seeking true love is not even on their radar. 

So, is true love dead? Or is it lurking in the message box of the guy you swiped right but never responded to? What if you left-swiped your true love? What if that one DM is your one chance at true love? Well, possibilities are many and the only way to know is trying online dating yourself! Meanwhile, look at what Delhi has to say about online dating and true love.

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