Here’s How This B-Tech Graduate RJ’d His Way Into Our Life

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Do you often feel the urge to do something creative in life? Something that you wouldn’t expect yourself to do? Something that is poles apart from what you are pursuing academically/professionally?

The young and ever aspiring Indian, Abhinandan who is now famously known as Rj Abhinandan was once just a young Indian boy weighing out his options, trying to find his true calling in a pool full of lab rats.

Being musically inclined and taunted for listening to the radio 24/7 during his childhood, , Abhinandan once jokingly promised his mother that his everyday livelihood would come from these very radio songs. Little did he know, how true his one statement would become

Into the final year of his B-Tech, with the urge to do something creative in life, the young Indian took a leap of faith and applied for an internship at a close by radio channel. Not knowing how it’ll turn out, he humbly made one request that was about to transform his life.

Coming from a b-tech degree and not having any professional knowledge/experience in the mass communications industry he humbly requested his interviewees to judge him on his interview and not his background. The 6 hour long interview turned into and internship and then soon turned into and offer letter for a permanent job.

But did this soon to be B-Tech grad convince himself and his family to let him accept the offer letter?

With the letter in his hand, his dad only asked for one reason on why he should accept this offer and not the other top corporate jobs he would be offered along with his peers.

But what was even more amusing was the crafted reply of Abhinandan to the question.

It not only convinced his father to let him pursues the job, but got him praised for Bollywood’s famous celebrities like his school alumni – Ayushman khurana.

Here’s how the young Indian, Abhinandan, convinced his father to let him pursue his passion and become the beloved voice of India that he is today.

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