Happiness Today Is Momentary Like An Orgasm

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Did You Know: According to a recent survey by the UN, India is one of the world’s most unhappy countries of the world. In a country that has over __ people, why are people not able to talk about what bothers them? Khush nahi ho toh baat kyu nahi kar rahe yar? 

What do we find happiness in? Doing something we like? Eating or dressing up the way we like? Meeting our friends and family and spending time with them? And the list may go on…

How often do we get to do the things that make us happy on a regular basis? Not very often right? Maybe that should explain the cause of all our unhappiness since India is increasingly becoming one of the most unhappy nations in the world.

Our team took to the streets of Delhi to find out if Delhiites are happy or not. The point of discussion was to make people hit the pause button and take a little break. In a mad rush that life is, it’s so important to pause and ask ourselves if we are truly happy or not.

Among the common causes of sadness, we found things such as parental pressure, peer pressure, nervousness, anxiety, loneliness, etc. Furthermore, people added how the fact that nobody is following their passion and everybody is running after money is also adding to the sadness.

Ultimately, when we asked them what they think could be done to overcome sadness, they seemed to point out all the things we sometimes tend to take for granted. So while someone pointed out something as simple as going out and meeting friends, someone else suggested that open communication is the key to happiness, but the one person that really took our heart away was this man who said he just needed a hug!

So, hey India, are you happy? Nahi ho toh baat karo, it all gets better, we just need to start communicating.

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