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Looking Beyond The Superficial, Looking Deep Into The Layers Is What Is Important. When the  two genders, male and female may be the extreme points of the spectrum in between is what we  ignore. Just like red and blue are the extremes, everything in between is what makes a rainbow  beautiful, isn’t it? 

We classify based on mere identifiable characteristics, We classify based on the exterior but  what happens interior, well no one is aware of that. Even today as the world fights for women  rights, and rightfully so, we often ignore the other genders. While we oppress a majority of them,  we worship the male gender binding them to the tag of being masculine and macho, but what  about what about what they really feel deep inside? Have we grown blind to an individual’s  feelings as a society?  

Today’s story is about a teen, who wants to break open the glass ceiling and fly through only so  that he can fulfill his small wishes. His wish is to wear head bands and hair pins like ‘girls’ do.  He wants to dress up in vibrant colours like ‘girls’ do. He wants to be able to wear bangles and  not be called weak. He wants to defy the gender norms of the society and create a utopia where  

male and female are red and blue of a spectrum and not water tight, binding. ‘I’m straight,’ he  says, ‘but nobody accepts me as I am only because I like the so called girly stuff.’ 

Being feminine and masculine should rather be by choice rather by choice of XY genes buries  deep in the very microscopic cells. Our ancestor, Lord Krishna wore bangles, garland, necklaces,  and many more ornaments, but that didn’t make him any less ‘male’. Lord Shiva who is known  as the god of contradictions also wore ornaments made of beads, but that didn’t make him any  less ‘manly’. Well, it’s high time to adopt and adapt to the ideals of our ancestors rather than  making tall standing statues of them. Let’s make them our role models, not just stone statues we  worship once during a janamastami. 

The last point I would like to put forward is of the colours we allocate to genders, pink for  female and blue for male. Who gets to decide that? And what about all the colours in between? Instead of emotionally engineering our young generation on carrying this forward, we should let  them explore what colour they would like to associate themselves with.  

Let’s not just tolerate the other genders, Let’s respect them. Let’s be kind to them. Let’s not  associate genders with colours and materialistic things. Let’s move towards being a more  inclusive, open minded society. 

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