From Struggling To Fit Into That ‘Cool’ School Group To Shining As A Comic

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What is passion if it isn’t the feeling of warmth and the wave of satisfaction for something?

For some, passion isn’t just satisfying, it is healing! The one thing that makes you feel complete and unites you with your own self.

‘The mic has been my strength and the stage has been my therapist, says young comedy queen Praveshika Kumar. The social media marketer by the day and the comedian by night wasn’t always this bubbly ball of confidence you would see today. 

 From being asked what a fat girl would do on stage, to not being included in the cool gang, school was a series of unpleasant experiences rendered Praveshika alone and miserable. 

‘I did crazy things to fit in. I would pretend to wear lipstick and walk out in clothes that I wasn’t really comfortable in, just feel included, to be a part of them.

Who could have imagined that the girl who would silently walk down the corridor with a hunched back avoiding eye, would one day find solace in talking out loud on stage?

While school was about crippling self-doubt and insecurities, college was where the good things started happening. The bunch of amazingly confident women at college made Praveshika feel like home. The unsettling joy of finally being able to do what she loved and being accepted by people who understood her and more importantly valued her for what she truly was freed her from her inhibitions.

Sometimes even the supremely talented need a little push to realise their true worth, and that was what Praveshika had been waiting for all her life. A major turning point in her life came when she auditioned for a debating event at college. She not only made it to the finals but walked back home with a trophy that she had earned solely with her ability to speak to the crowd.

Turns out the fat girl could do a lot more than just speak on the stage, she could win hearts. The ability to create magic with a mic made her realise the importance of feeling comfortable in your own skin. Since then Praveshika never gave up on the stage. 

From live gigs in Chennai to the digital world of youtube, she is the queen who has managed to reign and shine over the southern comedy circuit.

The joy of being on stage is an unexplainable high that keeps her going. Her love for the adrenaline, audience and jokes has helped her stand-up and battle against all odds. 

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