From Hiding To Being On Hoardings – How I Overcame Self-Doubt

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What will people say? You’re just not capable enough, smart enough, talented enough, experienced enough? How will you do it? Will you ever be good enough?

The worry that fuels our self doubt can drive us to be overly guarded and in turn keep us from taking the very step that we are actually capable of achieving.

Tuheena Raj, a young Indian who was unheard of a few years ago, was once drowning in a pool of self doubt.

‘I wasn’t as glossy and beautiful as the ones we see on social media’

Being a marketer by profession but a poet and writer by passion, young Tuheena didn’t believe she had it in her to match the show put up by others on social media. After all, she believed gravitating towards books instead of toys wasn’t the ideal handbook to a career.

Instead of shunning the garb of self doubt, Tuheena began her passion project – ‘words of worth’ anonymously, a portal created for her to express herself.

The tsunami of loyal followers she gained over the course of time were keen on placing an identity to all the words they were able to find themselves in. However, that wasn’t enough for young and shrewd Tuheena to come out to the world and unveil her identity.

We often believe reaching a certain point in life or achieving a certain goal is enough to prove to society that we are worth it. But is that the cure to self doubt?

Instead, in order to banish self doubt, it is imperative to reclaim the power it has held over us.

And that is exactly what Tuheena did.

From accepting her self and coming out to the world she was able to understand the true show is put on backstage, Tuheena found calm in a thought that was brought by chaos.

Within 4 years of starting her passion project – ‘Words of worth’ anonymously to it becoming not only words of worth for herself but also for others, here is how Tuheena Raj overcame self doubt and went form hiding to being on hoardings.

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