Destination Paradise: Support This Young Team Trying To Tell Stories of Illegal Migrants Lost In Europe

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The financial recession that hit almost immediately following the COVID-19 pandemic has caused havoc in the present crisis of migration. Illegal and legal migrations have skyrocketed across national and international borders as tension for their safety & well-being and that of their family’s rises. It is estimated that nearly 150 lakh Indians have risked the long, perilous route of getting a better shot at life abroad by shifting illegally to first world nations. This notion has been conditioned into their fragile minds through age-old tales of forefathers doing the same which has ultimately been hyped up by Bollywood. What the glamourous industry fails to show are the silent masses who have been cheated on and taken undue advantage of as a result of their naïve and complete faith in the fake promises of having a better shot at life over international waters.

Tackling this very issue and bringing a new side to the forefront for the eyes of Bollywood to perceive, something that is more than just sunshines abroad, something that brings to light the attested daunting struggles of the illegal migrants unfiltered is ‘Destination Paradise’. A film encircling the life of an illegal Sikh migrant lost in Europe who finds himself face to face with the same pain, loss and suffering that he thought he had left behind in his search for Utopia.

Every year It is believed that millions of displaced people hailing from non-war torn countries like India make their way illegally through foreign lands, desperate for a better life out of which less than 55% of these people ever complete their journeys and an even smaller number have a happy ending. Trailblazing this escapade are the burgeoning human smugglers a.k.a. travel agents who make thousands of dollars out of proffering fake promises and cheating innocent aspirational lives.

Bringing this appalling, darker side of reality to the forefront is the young team behind Destination Paradise, with an attempt to wake the woke. Having dealt with racial attacks first hand, this mixed breed of Indians and Czechs have come together to once again tell the age-old tale but this time bringing to light the unfiltered reality.

Destination Paradise is all set to come out in the year of 2021, passionately driven by a crew consisting of alumni from the prestigious Prague Film School and seasoned actors like Ivan Shvedoff who have been a part of award-winning films like “Mission Impossible”, “The Ghost Protocol” and “The Bourne Supremacy” to name a few.

Raising funds to bring this project to life, a CrowdFunding page has been set up with the aim of collecting Rs. 21 Lakhs, that is going to terminate on the 27th of October, 2020.

The illegal migration crisis is obstreperous and going unheard of and so it is about time we the young India use our voice and privilege to lend a helping hand to those trying to make a difference.

Let’s support nobody’s become somebody’s as we watch them reach their own destination paradise!

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