Delivering Social Commentary Through Comedy – The Story Of Nazma Api

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‘My father always wanted 2 things from me’ – out of which one fed into something that developed into a viral sensational satire.

Saloni Gaur, a final year student at the University of Delhi recently developed the character – Nazma Api, somebody who is able to deliver the blinded harsh truth with a blend of comedy. She not only shuns the stereotypes that prevail deep down into the roots of our society but also isn’t afraid to voice her opinion on the shammed political system of India.

The young ‘woke’ Indian dedicated the idea of her now viral character Nazma Api to her father for making her read a newspaper everyday in the morning that in turn made her develop an interest towards classical pieces like Premchand/Harsishankar parsi/etc. this not only formed the base for her character but it also gave her the courage to not shy away from topics that need to be talked about in todays day and age.

The character ‘Nazma Api’ may have developed in 2018, but the issues and problems she talks about have been around since forever. So then why aren’t we as individuals jumping on the band wagon along with her and doing anything to ride them away instead of riding the solution away?

The young Indians characters social commentary is not only family acceptable but moreover is needed to be accepted by all individually first with an onus of not shying away from having inappropriate conversations and not following things blindly.

Here’s how ‘Nazma Api’ went from being an online character to a household name bringing to light all the wrong doings of our society

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