‘Aapka Dhyaan Kidhar Hai? Saree Ki Dukaan Idhar Hai!’: A line that changed my life

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Remember how ‘Samaj Aunty’ always told you to concentrate on that one thing and be good at it and then turn it into a career? Ask Tanya Nambiar instead. She’ll tell you differently. “Who says that we only need to do one job? We have 24 hours in a day. If I can multitask and do a bunch of things, why not? I’m not harming anyone and it is something I enjoy.”  

She’s  a singer, anchor, voice-over artist, small business owner and “a middle-class hustler.” If any of you have ever attended one of her gigs you’d know what I’m talking about when I say that she’s the most talented and gorgeous singer and performer out there and she doesn’t limit her music to any genre, quite like how she doesn’t limit her life and career to one thing or profession. What’s the secret of her energy? Is it caffeine? Is it something else? Perhaps, it’s the fact that she is also a ‘dog mama’ to six dogs. Yes, you read that right. Six dogs. But yes, you certainly do get to see that electric quality in her performances that screams that she loves what she’s doing.

As a young woman trying to gain financial stability, she worked a job in sales, which she felt was pretty exciting for her but just when she had gained that stability she decided to switch into doing something that she absolutely loved, multitasking. The best part about her story remains that she eased herself into the idea of working independently as a singer, a voice-over artist, an anchor and a small business owner of a company of naturally made, fresh hot sauces. She didn’t leave everything in a jiffy as she didn’t want to be foolish because she still had to earn money.

Her love for her doggos, Laila, Pepe, Lola, Boyfriend, Hazel and Misty and for a good conversation with an Uber driver is something that her Insta fam is more than well aware of. Other than that, her love for selling something is also something that she hasn’t quite shied away from. In her Josh Talks video, she says, “Have you ever tried getting money out of your parents? It’s really difficult… And try getting money out of a stranger! That’s a hundred times more difficult.” But with every ‘SUCCESSFUL’ gig of hers, she is proving this statement to be false in her case. 

“Aapka dhyaan kidhar hai? Saree ki dukaan idhar hai!” is a line that changed her life because this is something a man standing in front of a shop was saying out loud, and the really awesome thing about that was that this shop was at a place where every other shop was identical but only his shop was jam-packed. All because he knew the art of selling something! 

Here’s a big shout out to Tanya for being the amazing boss woman that she is and slaying every day as a fabulous multitasker. All we’d like to say is that ‘humaara dhyaan aapke next show ki dates pe hai.’

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