A Journey From Co Dependency To Self Love: What Solo Travel Taught Me

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Travelling Solo? A frightening yet thrilling thing to do! It may be strenuous, but once you take a leap of faith and begin your journey, there is no turning back.

Harshita Keswani, a young 21-year-old Indian, now a strong advocate of Solo traveling, was once burdened with low self-confidence and anxiety that drove her into finding her passion.

We often depend on others for our own happiness, investing our time and energy into relationships that we hope will be there for us in times of need is something we all practice, but what we miss out on is investing in ourselves and being there for ourselves.

Harshita, the young and ardent Indian, soon began relying on others for her emotional stability. From anxiety and panic attacks to feeling happy, it all came from an external source. A change had to be brought about, but what could she do? She was only 21 and lived a regular life with a ready set plan mapped out for her future.

Solo traveling being something she only merely read about in blogs, was far from what she ever thought would become her reality. Gambling her emotions, Harshita took the plunge and booked herself a solo trip entwining her reel life into her real life. Apart from her quoting ‘my first solo trip was a disaster’ little did she know, something beautiful was happening and her life was about to change.

‘Travelling solo taught me more about myself and my life.’

Being a solo girl traveler and having taken several solo trips over the past 5 years across borders whilst juggling through her 9-5 job, taught the young Indian how to be comfortable with herself, how only having Rs40 can buy confidence and how finding one’s passion can change one’s life.

Harshita strongly believes she was able to pivot her life because she dared to do something she was scared of. Being a solo girl traveler and meeting new individuals who inspire her in every trip is what keeps her going.

She followed her passion and urges everyone to follow theirs, because what are we in the end but individuals trying to live life?

Hear it from Harshita, herself on how she transformed from being Rani to Queen!

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