20 things that can make self-quarantine suck a little less

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Our world has suddenly come to a standstill. A global pandemic called corona has hit us and hit us hard. In the times of social media, we have to practice social distancing! Well, now that sporting events have been canceled ( I feel you, IPL lovers), shoots have been called off (no daily dose of Naagin) and you have already Netflixed and chilled to your heart’s content – here are a few things you can do to entertain yourself. 

  1. Binge-watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S – Again! : Not that we need a reason to watch it again (and again), because let’s face it, we already watch a random episode of Friends with every meal. But Quarantine gives us another chance to watch it daily, without a break.
  2. Discover your Inner Sanjeev Kapoor: Cook. And eat. Then cook again. And keep eating. If you are gaining something from Corona, let that be weight.
  3. To compensate for all those calories, exercise. Show your Zumba moves, do that Surya Namaskar, put “fitness freak” on your Instagram bio.
  4. Up your social media game: The selfies you thought weren’t good enough? Time to post them all. Click new selfies. Use your unused home interior for aesthetics.
  5. Become the pet parent your dog wanted you to be. Dogs cannot get corona (WHO said it, I didn’t), so cuddle with them, play with them and give your dogs undivided attention.
  6. Bathroom singer? Cross another level and become the living room singer, no one is going to hear you scream your lungs out anyway. 
  7. Pick up that guitar, dust it, and play it. But remember, all your neighbors are under quarantine too- let them not pull their hair out due to your “talent”.
  8. Want a quiet life because you haven’t had one in years? Read books. Ponder over them. Change your life. Become the #intellectual you wanted to be.
  9. Paint! The artist in you has never had a better time to emerge. Create something, friend.
  10. Paint on your face! Yes, makeup. And yes, boys can do it too. Contour the world, highlight your talent and blend your skills.
  11. Quora, Reddit, and Pinterest are now your playgrounds. Create threads, make pins and answer controversial questions.
  12. Clean your cupboard: Please? You will discover the clothes you forgot you had, that missing sock and probably some money! Worth the hassle, no?
  13. Living in the same setting might feel like only existing. So, get up and shuffle the furniture. Tweak your interiors and create a new living room every week.
  14. Learn basic life skills like cleaning, dusting, stitching, carpentry, and cooking. An apocalypse is not that far away and this is your best bet to train yourself to be the saviour of the world.
  15. Write. Jot down everything that you are feeling. Maintain a diary. Remember, Anne Frank’s Diary was written while she was in isolation!
  16. Life is too boring? Watch movies on pandemics to freak yourself out. Personal recommendations would be Contagion, Flu, and Outbreak. Contagion, especially, is eerily similar to what we are going through. Be prepared to lose your mind.
  17. If the movies scared you, go through COVID-19 memes. After all, humour is a certified coping mechanism!
  18. Speak less, talk more – with your parents, grandparents, cousins, uncles, and aunties. Dial the numbers of relatives you haven’t talked to in a while. Reconnect with your roots.
  19. Sleep. Yes. switch off your alarms and sleep for as long as you want..
  20. Do not take point number 19 too seriously, you still have to complete your work from home assignment! Stay productive and complete your tasks. The Corona scare is going to end someday, as will your quarantine time.

The Wordsworth of our times, Geet Handa once quoted, “ Main apni favourite hoon!”. So, in the times of Quarantine, If you have to live with yourself, you gotta love yourself. Spend quality time with yourself and discover a new you. Sounds cool? A little preachy but cool nonetheless. Stay safe and stay happy everyone, while I go back to binge on F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

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